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Disinfectant and Sanitising

£32.99 ex VAT

Cleans tools in 30 minutes using ultra-violet radiation with an automatic shut off.

£3.49£12.39 ex VAT

Beeswax hand protection cream for salon professionals.

£3.49 ex VAT

Set of 4 colours; clear, pink, blue and green.

£69.99 ex VAT

Ultra-Violet radiation appliance with automatic on/off switch.

£2.69 ex VAT

Classic antiseptic that's perfect for preparing skin and disinfecting tools.

£6.89 ex VAT

Produces an invisible film which provides waterproof protection against irritating substances.

£5.25 ex VAT

Specifically designed to hold manicurists' implements.

£10.99 ex VAT

Sanitising Jar for complete immersion of manicurists' implements.

£15.99 ex VAT

Sanitising Jar with crystal clear smooth walled glass and non-slip stabiliser base.

£5.99£15.99 ex VAT

Concentrated sterilizing solution made to an anti-rust formula for professional salon use.

£5.40£16.99 ex VAT

kills HIV-1, Hepatitis 'B' and Hepatitis 'C' virus in 30 seconds.

£17.49 ex VAT

Heavy duty crystal clear glass with classic swirl design for Large capacity.

£8.95£23.95 ex VAT

The iconic Jars come in 3 sizes, designed to suit different tool sizes and applications.

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