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Tigi Bed Head

£7.95 ex VAT

Detangles hair and builds up protection from future damage.

£6.57 ex VAT

Anti-humidity shields help to fight frizz and gives smooth, tangle free hair.

£8.95 ex VAT

A brilliant primer for creating the ultimate ‘bed head’ look.

£7.75 ex VAT

Formulated with gold mica add shine and glitter to hair

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£6.99 ex VAT

Fine spray pattern helps to provide flexible finish.

£7.49 ex VAT

Volume Boosters add great body and volume for fuller-looking hair and better grip for blow drying.

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£7.30 ex VAT

Formula has hydrophobically modified cornstarch which absorbs oil which can make hair look greasy

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£7.99 ex VAT

A flexible, medium hold gel pomade that will fix your styles in place.

£7.39 ex VAT

Thermo-setting polymers help to keep hair seriously straight for 48 hours, even in 98% humidity.

£6.99 ex VAT

Reform rebellious curls into soft and defined ringlets with shine.

£6.95 ex VAT

This amazing thickening spray helps to create volume and texture that lasts.

£7.45 ex VAT

This must-have finishing hairspray gives insane gloss and hold to any hairstyles!

£9.25 ex VAT

Lightweight super shine mist that gives explosive shine and helps to improve manageability.

£7.25 ex VAT

High hold hairspray gives you relentless hold and control and dries instantly.

£6.35 ex VAT

Provides waves and curls with up to 72-hour definition, 72-hour anti-humidity and 72-hour anti-frizz.

£7.75 ex VAT

Helps to mend split ends and protects dry, damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments & brushing.

£6.95 ex VAT

This creamy paste helps to add shine and defrizz. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any style.

£7.75 ex VAT

Protects from heat damage, adds hold and leaves hair shiny and soft.

£9.99 ex VAT

A cream that helps to smooth, fight flyaways and gives incredible shine to hair without weighing it down.

£8.75 ex VAT

Texturising paste which provides hold to any style with a matte finish.

£7.45 ex VAT

This light, greaseless frizz-fighting serum helps to fight humidity and leaves hair smooth and silky.

£8.99 ex VAT

Instantly creates texture and definition whilst giving strong hold to shorter hair styles.

£8.75 ex VAT

Thickening cream gives great body, texture, hold and volume with frizz control.

£6.95 ex VAT

Builds texture between hair fibres for thicker-looking hair.

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