£164.99 ex VAT

Hot Towel Cabinet with a UV Lamp to kill germ and bacteria build up. Holds approx 13-15 facial towels.

£399.00 ex VAT

Faradic operation which uses currents throughout treatments to generate slimming and muscular toning.

£595.00 ex VAT

Beauty machine which combines galvanic, sonic peel exfoliator, micro current lifting and ultrasound facial technology.

£349.00 ex VAT

A multifunctional microcurrent beauty machine that helps restore skin elasticity by stimulating blood circulation and collagen fibres.

£329.00 ex VAT

Beauty machine with 5 in 1 system offering high frequency, ultrasound, vacuum and spray instrument treatments.

£495.00 ex VAT

New LED light mask which provides a combination of visible light to stimulate the deeper skin facial tissue.