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Beauty Couches and Beauty Chairs

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£349.00 ex VAT

Static beauty couch in white upholstery with grey detail piping.

£2,999.00 ex VAT

Fully motorised, and elegantly designed treatment couch. Available in a wide range of colour combinations.

£499.00 ex VAT

White upholstered hydraulic locking beauty couch with adjustable head rest and foot rest.

£749.99 ex VAT

A stylish beauty bed made in Italy from Finnish Birchen water resistant wood.

£215.00 ex VAT

Ideal couch for massage and facials with adjustable head rest, cushion, face hole and under bed storage.

£499.00 ex VAT

Electric beauty couch with height adjustment and gas lift back rest.

£795.00 ex VAT

A modern 3 section electric couch with 3 motors to control the height, backrest and leg inclination.

£1,245.00 ex VAT

A 3 motor split leg couch in White PU which can swivel 240º.

£1,295.00 ex VAT

A modern electric chair with a sturdy structure which provides a high level of client comfort.

£1,149.00 ex VAT

Treatment bed with an electric operated back rest, knee bend and height functions.

£265.00 ex VAT

White upholstered top beauty couch ideal for heavy massage.

£1,175.00 ex VAT

A highly adjustable treatment couch allowing access from every angle.

£859.00 ex VAT

Beauty spa couch with twin headrests, great for pedicures or body treatments.

£995.00 ex VAT

Beauty spa couch designed for specific needs and beauty treatments.

£899.00 ex VAT

Beauty spa couch with with recovery foam upholstery and knee up comfort facility.

£274.00 ex VAT

A sturdy and versatile multi therapy chair, easily converting from couch to beauty chair.

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£375.00 ex VAT

Contemporary couch with a shaped wooden curved base which houses a spacious storage shelf.

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£545.00 ex VAT

Features a adjustable rising headrest with breather hole and plug.

£495.00 ex VAT

Heavy duty twin hydraulic lift treatment couch with height adjustment from 65 – 85cm.

£7.99 ex VAT

Short half round pillow with a soft and comfortable cushioning. Sizes: Length 33cm, Height 15cm, Depth 9cm.

£9.99 ex VAT

Long half round pillow with a soft and comfortable cushioning. Sizes: Length 64cm, Height 15cm, Depth 9cm.

Out of stock
£129.00£129.99 ex VAT

Crewe Folding Portable Couch with shoulder carry case. Available in Black, Pink or White.

£499.00 ex VAT

Multi-purpose hydraulic beauty couch which easily converts from chair to bed.

£799.00 ex VAT

Electric motor for height from 50 to 85cm adjustment all by the touch of a button.

£660.00£717.00 ex VAT

A comfortable two piece electric couch with electric lift action & gaslift movement of the headrest.

£965.00 ex VAT

A three piece couch with motorised movement up and down, legrest and head section.

£239.00 ex VAT

A sturdy and versatile multi therapy chair, easily converting from bed to chair. Available in Black or White.

£199.00 ex VAT

Lightweight portable couch with carry case, ideal for any mobile professional.

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