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£4.15 ex VAT

A moisture rich formula to nourish, rehydrate and help skin stay young.

£3.65 ex VAT

Specially formulated cream to deeply moisturise, rehydrate and relieve dry, cracked skin.

£5.55 ex VAT

Cool calming gel that eases puffiness & dark shadows by decongesting, soothing and toning around the eyes

£3.35£4.95 ex VAT

Effectively removes build up and make-up to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and soothed.

£2.65£3.45 ex VAT

Used for the removal of artificial nails or as a nail polish remover on natural nails.

£5.00 ex VAT

A rich massage cream specially formulated for use during fingertip massage on the face and neck

£3.25 ex VAT

A vital must have for any manicure treatment. Helps to avoid infection and sanitise the treatment area.

£3.50£5.85 ex VAT

Stimulates radiance-boosting microcirculation which replenishes moisture levels.

£3.60£5.45 ex VAT

A luxurious, rich cream specially formulated to instantly restore moisture in dry, chapped hands.

£3.05£4.40 ex VAT

Gently dissolves stubborn eye make-up without irritation whilst strengthening & conditioning the lashes

£3.40£5.15 ex VAT

Helps to revive, refresh, soothe, soften and moisturise the condition of skin.

£3.50 ex VAT

Will gently and efficiently remove polish from artificial and natural nails.

£3.70£6.45 ex VAT

Invigorating foot scrub that works to slough away rough and tough layers to reveal fresh new skin.  

£3.25£5.50 ex VAT

A deep moisturising and soothing lotion for ideal for reviving sore, tired feet and legs.

£13.95 ex VAT

The Kaeso Hydrating Kit is a nourishing range for normal to dry skin.

£3.95£5.90 ex VAT

A light, fresh, rapidly absorbed cream which restores long-lasting moisture to skin.

£13.95 ex VAT

A delicate range that is perfect for sensitive skin which can be used to purify the skin gently.

£15.99 ex VAT

Kaeso Pedicure Kit contains everything you need to perform a full pedicure treatment.

£3.65£6.35 ex VAT

Specially formulated to lock in moisture and relieve dry, hard skin.

£3.90£5.60 ex VAT

Removes all traces of cleanser & daily impurities, while clarifying the complexion without irritation

£3.45 ex VAT

A vital must have for any pedicure treatment. It helps to avoid infection and sanitise the treatment area

£4.40 ex VAT

Restore and refresh your sore, tired feet with this revitalising non-foam foot soak.

£4.85 ex VAT

A relaxing body massage oil that works to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

£3.35£4.10 ex VAT

The perfect preparation for any manicure, designed to cleanse and relax the hands.

£4.90£5.95 ex VAT

A specially formulated treatment that restores moisture and rebalances dry skin.

£3.60£5.45 ex VAT

A lightweight, fresh, non-oily, and easily absorbed formula designed to balance skin moisture levels.

£3.35£4.90 ex VAT

Removes all traces of cleanser and daily impurities, while clarifying the complexion.

£4.20£4.60 ex VAT

A rich, easily absorbed lotion that is designed to moisturise and help protect hands from dryness.

£2.95£5.45 ex VAT

A gentle formula designed to deeply nourish cuticles.

£2.15£4.45 ex VAT

Gently helps to soften dead and damaged cuticle tissue prior to removal.

£3.85£5.60 ex VAT

A mild formula specially designed for sensitive skin to gently remove make-up and daily impurities

£3.70£5.40 ex VAT

A lush, rich hand mask that deeply nourishes and revitalises dry, dehydrated hands.

£3.50 ex VAT

Micro beads work to buff away impurities and dead skin cells.

£7.10 ex VAT

Built in deoderiser to refresh and energise feet with Tea Tree and Ginger extracts.

£3.65£5.50 ex VAT

Formulated to restore moisture, boost complexion and restore long-lasting moisture

£3.65£6.10 ex VAT

Gently and effectively exfoliates the skin whilst stimulating radiance-boosting micro circulation.

£3.65£6.00 ex VAT

Formulated to reduce excess oil and remove impurities.

£3.65£6.45 ex VAT

A sumptuous hand scrub that deeply exfoliates to help replenish the skin.

£3.55£5.20 ex VAT

Effectively removes build up and make-up to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and soothed.

£13.95 ex VAT

A moisturising Range to tone Oily/Combination Skin.

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