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Eye Lashes, Tinting and Perming

Buy Eye Lashes, Tinting and Perming products from Direct Salon Supplies. Order securely online or call our help team on 01270 630280 for sales and advice.

£2.95 ex. VAT - £3.54 inc. VAT

This very effective formulation will remove unwanted staining from the skin.

£23.99 ex. VAT - £28.79 inc. VAT

Hairwell Eyelash Tinting Kit,Includes everything you need for a full lash treatment.

£2.99 ex. VAT - £3.59 inc. VAT

Thicken and lengthen to give a natural appearance. Available in Short, Medium and Long.

£3.29 ex. VAT - £3.95 inc. VAT

Eyelash colouring creme available in 3 colours to match all skin tones.

£1.99 ex. VAT - £2.39 inc. VAT

Direct Salon Supplies Tint Lash Mixing Dish, Tint lash mixing dish to apply tint lash.

£1.99 ex. VAT - £2.39 inc. VAT

For use in the application of eyelash tint. Comes in 50ml bottle

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