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Mag Lamps and Lamp Accessories

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£59.99 ex. VAT - £71.99 inc. VAT

Skin Analysis Lamp to indicate dehydration, pore size, acne scarring, sun damage, lines and wrinkles.

£79.99 ex. VAT - £95.99 inc. VAT

Woods Lamps are ideal for skin inspection. This 4 tube unit is hand held with On/Off switch.

£79.99 ex. VAT - £95.99 inc. VAT

3 x dioptre magnifying lamp on mobile stand. Comes on a study metal base with 5 castor wheels.

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£69.99 ex. VAT - £83.99 inc. VAT

5W magnifying lamp that magnifies 5 times and has 56 LEDs for cold white light.

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£54.50 ex. VAT - £65.40 inc. VAT

Modern, energy saving 6 Watt table lamp with 30 LEDs and a sturdy base.

£39.99 ex. VAT - £47.99 inc. VAT

Flexible LED Magnifying Lamp with a 9.5 cm diameter, 3 dioptres and mounted onto a flexible 36cm arm.

£99.99 ex. VAT - £119.99 inc. VAT

Infrared Heat Lamp with 275W bulb on sturdy mobile stand. Ideal for Theromtherapy treatments.

£36.99 ex. VAT - £44.39 inc. VAT

Dimmable cold and warm beauty light with a function which can be used simultaneously as well as separately.

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£495.00 ex. VAT - £594.00 inc. VAT

New LED light mask which provides a combination of visible light to stimulate the deeper skin facial tissue.

£32.99 ex. VAT - £39.59 inc. VAT

Table LED Magnifying Lamp with an adjustable arm, ideal for precision work.

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