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Strictly Professional Beauty Products

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£3.50 ex VAT

A pure solvent used to remove nail polish.

£3.95 ex VAT

A gentle nail enamal solvent, specially developed for use on artificial nails.

£5.70 ex VAT

A delicate blend of emollients formulated to offer an ideal all purpose moisturising cream.

£4.70 ex VAT

Provides essential protection of the skin or nails during a variety of treatments

£4.85 ex VAT

A pedicure treatment mask softens the skin and helps soothe and cool the feet.

£5.85 ex VAT

A rich deep cleansing cream suitable for all skin types.

£4.95 ex VAT

A delicate blend of natural flower waters used as a cooling and refreshing treatment after massage.

£5.25 ex VAT

A mild eye make-up remover designed for use around the delicate eye area

£6.65 ex VAT

A popular face mask ingredient and facial toner, especially suitable for use on all skin types

£3.85 ex VAT

An alcohol based witch hazel making it particularly suitable for combination and oily skins.

£2.49 ex VAT

A highly effective product designed to soften and remove excess cuticle.

£5.25 ex VAT

A foaming and refreshing manicure soak with melon and lavender oil which softens the hands.

£4.49 ex VAT

A fast acting solvent which removes nail enamel quickly and effectively.

£2.39£5.39 ex VAT

A rich cream with almond and camphor oil developed specifically to increase blood circulation in the nail bed.

£2.69 ex VAT

A light yet effective hand lotion that leaves the hands grease free after application.

£4.90 ex VAT

Vitamin E and bisabolol help to protect the skin from the effects of the environment.

£5.25 ex VAT

A light moisturiser containing purple ginseng to regulate oil production.

£6.60 ex VAT

Obtained from the seed of muscat raisins, grapeseed is a quality oil.

£7.49 ex VAT

A gentle but effective body exfoliating gel with the subtle aromas of lavender and rosemary.

£6.89 ex VAT

Absorbs easily to moisturise and condition the skin.

£4.60 ex VAT

A balanced blend of light oils developed for face and body massage.

£4.80 ex VAT

A slightly abrasive cream designed for use on natural nails to produce a brilliant natural shine.

£3.49 ex VAT

A specially developed treatment mask for the hands.

£5.19£10.39 ex VAT

A refreshing exfoliant, developed for the feet. Benefits from the anti-fungal properties of tea-tree oil.

£4.80 ex VAT

A rich, moisture retaining treatment cream developed to soften the dry skin.

£3.19£6.09 ex VAT

A perfect massage treatment for tired and aching feet.

£16.79 ex VAT

Contains everything you need to give your feet a luxurious pedicure treatment.

£6.99 ex VAT

A superior natural oil used for body massage, as an aromatherapy carrier oil.

£5.18 ex VAT

A luxurious massage cream developed to provide lasting lubrication during face & body massage

£2.99 ex VAT

A gentle solvent suitable for removing make-up from all cosmetic brushes.

£6.55 ex VAT

An all purpose sterilising solution ideal for application to work surfaces in the salon

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