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Nail Products

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£4.99 ex VAT

Create stunning and intricate nail designs with these precision brushes, perfect for gels, gel polish, acrylics and also nail polish.

£2.99 ex VAT

Dappen dishes in 3 great colours pink, blue or green.

£2.65 ex VAT

Easy to Brush-On Nail Glue instantly repairs cracked or split nails. It brushes on smoothly and evenly with no messy dropper application. Brush-On Nail Glue can also be used to apply nail tips or wraps.

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£4.50 ex VAT

Fibreless pads will not scratch or dull surfaces. Economical and sanitary way to remove tacky gel residue and dust prior to product application. Can also be used to remove nail polish as an alternative to cotton wool. Comes in a pack of 80.

£1.40 ex VAT

Great for artificial nails; non-acetone, non-oily formula. Available in 120ml.

£4.95 ex VAT

Sanitises and disinfects nails and feet. Removing oils and residues for better adhesion. Comes in a 120ml bottle.

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