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Barbers Scissors, Razors and Combs

Buy Barbers Scissors, Razors and Combs from Direct Salon Supplies. Order securely online or call our help team on 01270 630280 for sales and advice.

£14.50 ex VAT

Made from high quality stainless steel to guarantee a long life of use.

£14.50 ex VAT

Made from high quality Stainless Steel with a level handle design.

£60.00 ex VAT

Forged from stainless steel, the Kyoto Phoenix is a perfect all round scissor.

£165.00 ex VAT

Offset handle design and fixed finger rest, Ideal for barbering and quick cutters.

£105.00 ex VAT

Hollow ground clam blades and a semi offset handle which feature a fixed finger rest.

£32.99 ex VAT

Made from Carbon Steel. Available in 6" or 6.5".

£39.99£43.99 ex VAT

Made from Stainless Steel with Micro-serrated Blades.

£39.99 ex VAT

German made scissor with barbering in mind. Made from high quality stainless steel with a standard blade.

£29.99 ex VAT

Black studded holster with waist strap. Room for scissors, thinners and combs.

£46.99 ex VAT

Professional 5.5 inch hairdressing thinning scissor with 46 tooth.

£38.99 ex VAT

Professional 6.25 inch hairdressing thinner with 46 teeth.

£35.99 ex VAT

A traditional barbering scissor with straight handles with micro serrated blades.

£15.99 ex VAT

8 carbon combs in a black canvas tool wrap.

£29.79 ex VAT

Professional precision instrument suitable for both shaving and hair dressing.

£165.00 ex VAT

Features extraordinary sharpness and cutting edge durability, originally designed for surgical application.

£145.00 ex VAT

A great scissor for all cutting styles, but especially for barber cutting.

£16.99 ex VAT

Disposable razor with safety clip and tempered steel razor blade.

£4.99 ex VAT

Strop paste for use with the leather strop.

£32.99 ex VAT

A traditional leather strop for sharpening razors.

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