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Styling Units

Styling units are a staple item in most hair salons, beauty salon and barber shops. These pieces of salon furniture are sometimes called salon mirrors, and they allow both the stylist and the customer to view the newly created look as it develops. There are a great many salon mirrors available from a number of manufacturers, so you will be sure to find something to compliment the style of your business, and make the job of your stylists easier by helping them keep everything they need to hand. At Direct Salon Supplies, we have many years experience advising customers on the best choice of styling units for their requirements and are happy to offer you assistance with this if you require it. Order securely online or call our help team on 01270 630280 for sales and advice.

£95.00 ex VAT

An efficient, wall mountable storage solution with 12 compartments.

£949.00£1,049.00 ex VAT

Two position Island Unit with integrated footrests, storage space and two electrical sockets.

£285.00£978.00 ex VAT

A simple yet elegant styling unit. Comes as standard in Black with timber shelf and dryer holster.

£269.00 ex VAT

A stylish wall mounted styling unit with  footrest, wooden shelf and integral dryer holder.

£295.00 ex VAT

Circular styling unit finished in four great colours Black, Pasadena Pine, Rustic Oak or Michigan Elm.

£562.00£885.00 ex VAT

A chunky styling unit with illuminated LED mirror ideal for beauty and make up.

£349.00£898.00 ex VAT

Clean and simple in it’s design, it features chrome sides and foot rest as standard.

£910.00£1,060.00 ex VAT

Traditional style barbers unit with ample storage space. Available in all the REM Laminates.

£1,310.00 ex VAT

Traditional features make this unit ideal for the modern barber. Available in all the REM Laminates.

£1,310.00 ex VAT

Traditional Barbers styling unit with front wash basin. Available in all the REM Laminate Colours.

£1,170.00 ex VAT

Traditional style barbers unit with mirror available in a large range of colours.

£436.00£1,240.99 ex VAT

A simple yet effective design with backlit LED lighting and cast metal shelf with integral dryer holder.

£529.00 ex VAT

A wall mounted full length mirror unit with an elegant and stylish design

£579.00 ex VAT

A wall Mounted Styling Unit with mirror and storage drawer.

£849.00£949.00 ex VAT

A two position island unit with an illuminated front, mirrors and two electrical sockets.

£849.00£949.00 ex VAT

A double position wall mirror unit. Designed with an elegant and modern feel.

£675.00£775.00 ex VAT

A well-designed, modern looking Wall Mirror unit which features an illuminated front.

£1,035.00 ex VAT

A classic barbers range designed to work individually or linked as part of full wall arrangement.

£425.00£1,299.00 ex VAT

Available as a wall or island unit in a wide range of laminates. Features a glass shelf and footrest.

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£899.00£1,049.00 ex VAT

A metal framed mirror unit which features a storage space to the side.

£235.00 ex VAT

A simple but effective wall mounted styling unit. Features a laminated shelf to place tools and equipment while working.

£312.00 ex VAT

Feature for linking two or more REM Duke Barber Units, features a mirror and pull out drawer.

£424.00£1,203.00 ex VAT

A stylish floor length mirror unit with a toughened glass shelf and stylish LED lighting strips down each side.

£293.00£953.00 ex VAT

Both stylish and professional at an affordable price. Features a toughened glass shelf and large mirror as standard.

£809.00£1,239.00 ex VAT

An elegant vanity unit ideal for any spa space. Vast amounts of storage with basin and work surface.

£449.00£999.00 ex VAT

Available as a wall or island unit fitted with footrest, shelf and dryer holder.

CATEGORY | Styling Units
Choose from simple mirrored units, to advanced units incorporating shelving, storage and built in electrics. You may also consider whether wall mounted units are island units best suit your requirements. Our styling units available in an extensive range of design styles, produced to compliment and enhance the interior design concept of your salon, whether you are looking to create a thoroughly a modern look, a mid-century retro style or go for shabby-chic looks reminiscent of the best of French styling, you will be sure to find something that fits. Our units are also available in a great range of high quality laminate finishes, so you will be able to perfect match the style of your establishment.