Matrix Bleach

£13.44 ex. VAT - £16.13 inc. VAT

Developer for use with Matrix products that help achieve the amount of lift or deposit required.

£31.19 ex. VAT - £37.43 inc. VAT

A powerful high-speed lightener that delivers up to 9 levels of lift with the highest concentration of citric acid and glycine.

£28.13 ex. VAT - £33.76 inc. VAT

A perfect solution for your freehand and balayage services on every hair pattern with a whipped kaolin clay texture.

£29.99 ex. VAT - £35.99 inc. VAT

Great for all lightening techniques but with the added protection of bonder inside, lightens up to 8 Levels.

£22.49 ex. VAT - £26.99 inc. VAT

A high-speed lightener which includes conditioning Panthenol which delivers great results.