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Student Pink Equipment

£1.99 ex VAT

Durable aluminium pink water sprayer (260ml).

£1.29 ex VAT

Perm Rods Pink Pack 12 - 7mm

£4.29 ex VAT

Record card for recording the full details of all the services and treatments you provide to your customers.

£19.99 ex VAT

Professional hairdressing towels in a wide range of bright colours.

£2.39 ex VAT

Velcro Rollers Large Pink Pack 12 - 44mm

£1.39 ex VAT

Velcro Rollers Small Pink Pack 12 - 25mm

£6.99 ex VAT

Appointments every 15 minutes from 8:00am to 8:45pm. Available in Blue or Pink.

£5.45 ex VAT

Diameter - 17mm

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