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Clipper Accessories

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£19.95 ex VAT

Ultra-fine, hypoallergenic titanium foils and two replacement cutters.

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£8.99 ex VAT

Lubricates and cleans blades to prevent overheating.

£1.45 ex VAT

Cutting length 1.5mm.

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£1.15 ex VAT

10mm black attachment comb - Size 3.

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£1.15 ex VAT

3mm attachment comb - Size 1.

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£1.77 ex VAT

16mm attachment comb - Size 5.

£12.99 ex VAT

Set of standard blades that fit multiple Wahl clippers - cutting length of 0.8–2.5 mm.

£12.00 ex VAT

Replacement blades for sterling 2 trimmer (standard blade) - Cutting length 0.4mm.

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£19.80 ex VAT

Forfex Precision Taper Clipper Replacement Blades

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£27.99 ex VAT

Replacement blades for ChromStyle/Bellissima - Cutting length 2mm.

£11.00 ex VAT

Standard blade set for the Wahl Rota Trim - Cutting length 0.6mm.

£28.00 ex VAT

Razor blades - Cutting length - 8mm

£12.00 ex VAT

Replacement blades for sterling 2 trimmer (coarse blade) – Cutting length 1.0mm.

£12.00 ex VAT

Standard replacement blade for the Wahl Balding clipper - Cutting length 0.4mm.

£16.39 ex VAT

Stainless Steel coloured guards set with handy organiser.

£10.99£12.99 ex VAT

Clipper guard set of 8 attachment combs including caddy.

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£9.99 ex VAT

Cleans, disinfects and lubricates helping prolonging the life of your clippers.

£7.25 ex VAT

An all-in-one blade spray that keeps your blades clean, cool, lubricated and prevents corrosion

£5.99 ex VAT

Wall hanging clipper protection to keep your clippers safe.

£2.39 ex VAT

Prolong the life of your clipper blades with WAHL Clipper Oil 113ml.

£5.99 ex VAT

Wahl Replacement Lead and plug for Wahl clippers.

CATEGORY | Clipper Accessories
Clipper Accessories includes all the extra replacement and maintenance parts you may need for your Clipper and Trimmer. It is a vital element of our Salon Electrical Equipment range as your product can only perform at its highest level when properly maintained. Clipper accessories include replacement blades, lubricant & disinfectant for blades and also spare plugs and adaptors. If you need any assistance with you clipper accessories, please contact our sales team on 01270 630 280 and we would be happy to help.