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Hair Accessories

£3.49 ex. VAT - £4.19 inc. VAT

Denman Large Butterfly Clip Pk 3. Brown, Black and Clear.

Original price was: £4.99.Current price is: £3.99. ex. VAT - £4.79 inc. VAT

Styling sponge for afro textured hair with two different sides, for different styles.

£3.50 ex. VAT - £4.20 inc. VAT

Denman 9cm metal jewelled filigree Butterfly Barrette.

£2.49 ex. VAT - £2.99 inc. VAT

Denman pack of 4 5cm criss-cross bobby pins.

£2.99 ex. VAT - £3.59 inc. VAT

Denman Pack of 34 2mm small no damage multicoloured elastics.

£2.99 ex. VAT - £3.59 inc. VAT

Helps to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

£26.99 ex. VAT - £32.39 inc. VAT

This large bucket contains 100 assorted EZ bobbles.

£3.35 ex. VAT - £4.02 inc. VAT

Set of 3 crochet scrunchies in 3 elegant colours.

£2.99 ex. VAT - £3.59 inc. VAT

Denman Pack of 3 shiny knitted head wraps.

CATEGORY | Hair Accessories

Part of our hairdressing salon essentials, hair accessories are a great way to finish your hair off in style. We offer various different bobbles, butterfly clips and pins.