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£6.99 ex VAT

Fine mist extra firm hold hairspray to keep any style in place.

£8.99 ex VAT

Formulated to help protect your hair from the effects of humidity, UV and heat.

£8.99 ex VAT

Spray, play and perfect your style in 45 seconds with this flexible crafting spray.

£3.75 ex VAT

Gives manageability and shine and is particularly effective at holding fine flyaway locks firm.

£4.19 ex VAT

A popular, traditional hairspray available in both Ultra and Extra Hold.

£4.79 ex VAT

Provides hair with a soft but natural hold that is guaranteed to last.

£4.65 ex VAT

Provides a strong hold for all hair types. Ideal for an all over style or to fix one area.

£6.99 ex VAT

Fine mist medium hold hairspray to keep style in place.

£3.99£4.29 ex VAT

Quick drying hairspray which provides outstanding shine and even more super hold.

£2.99 ex VAT

Ultimate hold hairspray providing a strong, long-lasting shine for all hair types, lengths and styles.

£3.99£4.29 ex VAT

Special film-forming polymer allows amazing, long-lasting hold. Providing a great shine and strong control.

£3.99£4.29 ex VAT

Provides a long-lasting, yet invisible flexible hold.

£4.99 ex VAT

Offers long-lasting hold with a brilliant shine and a soft touch.

CATEGORY | Hairsprays