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£49.99 ex VAT

Great value scissors which are ideal for all cutting types.

£60.00 ex VAT

Forged from stainless steel, the Kyoto Phoenix is a perfect all round scissor.

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£149.00 ex VAT

Made from a stainless alloy with a regular blade, flat screw and removable finger rests.

£34.99 ex VAT

Black two in one razor with one finger hole and finger rest from Buttercut with pack of two in one blades.

£57.50 ex VAT

Forged from high carbon steel to give a lasting high quality cut.

£35.99 ex VAT

Made from Stainless Steel, with Micro Serrated Blades.

£15.99 ex VAT

Lightweight beginner scissor made from stainless steel with a satin finish.

£18.99 ex VAT

Razor with ergonomic handle and takes standard feather cut blades available in black or red.

£21.99 ex VAT

Ideal for any busy hairdresser or barber.

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£72.99 ex VAT

Features an adjustable slotted screw with fashionable decorated cap.

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£48.99 ex VAT

Offset handle design and fine ground cutting edges for a smooth function.

£22.99 ex VAT

Together creates the perfect student starter kit.

£15.75£17.75 ex VAT

A lightweight scissor ideal for a beginner in the hairdressing industry.

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£39.99 ex VAT

Feather Styling Razor Kit. Comes complete with: 1 x Feather Styling Razor. 10 x Feather Styling blades. 10 x Feather Styling Blades Thinning. 1x DVD 1 x Metal Box For Blade Disposal. SORRY DISCONTINUED.

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£285.00 ex VAT

Boasting a clamshell blade, this scissor is excellent for slice cutting.

£64.99 ex VAT

Kit Includes Colorline Pink Scissor, Pink Thinning Scissor and Professional Pink Razor.

£199.00£333.00 ex VAT

Made from a supreme stainless alloy and has two extremely sharp blades to ensure extra long durability.

£249.00 ex VAT

Left handed 6 inch offset scissor with the added advantage of a ball-bearing pivot.

£5.29 ex VAT

Pack of feather nape blades for the popular feather nape razor.

£14.99 ex VAT

Ideal for a busy salon or barber shop environment.

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£149.99 ex VAT

Slice cutting edge with polished facet and polished hollow grinding for smooth movement.

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£99.00 ex VAT

Especially slim and lightweight with a straight blade scissors and a polished surface.

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£119.00 ex VAT

Features a Wear-resistant, non-allergenic surface coated with blue titanium.

£65.00 ex VAT

Super fine teeth that give a smooth cut every use.

£34.99 ex VAT

Folding hairdressing or barbering razor with black handle.

£124.00 ex VAT

Ergonomically designed scissors feature precision cutting forged blades.

£80.00 ex VAT

This is a great scissor suitable for all, from entry level to senior stylist level.

£100.00 ex VAT

Made from high carbon stainless steel feature hollow ground blades for good power.

£125.00 ex VAT

An elegantly slim scissor with narrow blades which allow for all types of cutting.

£112.50 ex VAT

Hollow ground blades for a smooth and precise cut and the handles are in a popular offset design.

£32.99 ex VAT

Made from Carbon Steel. Available in 6" or 6.5".

£39.99£43.99 ex VAT

Made from Stainless Steel with Micro-serrated Blades.

£45.99£50.99 ex VAT

Coated in black Teflon with stylish gold detailing.

£44.99 ex VAT

A straight stainless steel scissor with purple inserts and finger rest.

£129.00 ex VAT

Even handles and adjustable tension screw.  

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£23.99 ex VAT

It is a perfect entry level scissor, giving you a great all round cut.

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£21.99 ex VAT

They are a perfect lightweight, offset entry level scissor.

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£54.99 ex VAT

Jaguar JT3 Hairdressing Razor & Blades, texture razor from jaguar with gaurded razor and comb, comes with 20 blades.

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£503.00 ex VAT

Made from a cobalt base alloy with convex pro blade.

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£49.99 ex VAT

Quality scissor at a very affordable price, which is suitable for any stylist at any level.