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Left Handed Scissors

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£49.00 ex VAT

Hand crafted and heat treated in a high quality grade of Japanese steel to deliver a beautiful cutting action.

£24.99 ex VAT

Excellent quality scissor set which is perfect for career progression.

£124.00 ex VAT

Clamshell blades which helps to draw the hair into the blades with ease.

£95.99 ex VAT

Features milled teeth with prism, adjustable tension screw and finger rest.

£95.99 ex VAT

Standard slice cutting edge with polished facet and hollow grinding.

£14.50 ex VAT

The One is a fantastic, affordable left handed scissor, great for starting your career or to be used as a backup for the experienced stylist.

£110.00 ex VAT

The handle is built for comfort and quick response, and the blades are wide at the heel.

£100.00 ex VAT

Made from high carbon stainless steel feature hollow ground blades for good power.

£74.99 ex VAT

Made from high quality stainless steel. With an adjustable tension screw, removable finger inserts and rest.

£45.00 ex VAT

High quality Stainless Steel with a Micro-serrated blade, adjustable tension screw and removable finger rest.

£35.99 ex VAT

Made from high quality stainless steel with a standard left handed blade.

£45.99 ex VAT

Made from stainless steel with an ergonomically design.

£449.00 ex VAT

Features high mirror polished convex blades with an adjustable tension screw.

£310.00£329.00 ex VAT

Ergonomically Designed Offset Scissors with semi-convex satin finished blades.

£295.00 ex VAT

Joewell FX Left Handed Scissors made from Supreme Stainless Alloy.

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£74.99 ex VAT

An Excellent Quality Dedicated Left Handed Scissor.

£89.99 ex VAT

Slightly offset design with high quality cutting edge.

£79.00 ex VAT

It features an even handle design for comfort.

£126.50 ex VAT

Bonika International Lefty Scissor. Made from Japanese steel, with fully convex blades, ergonomic handles and tension adjustable screw. Leather case included.

£180.00 ex VAT

Made from supreme stainless alloy with regular blade and precision flat screw.

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