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TRi Scissors

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£64.99 ex VAT

Kit Includes Colorline Pink Scissor, Pink Thinning Scissor and Professional Pink Razor.

£69.99 ex VAT

Zebra Print And Titanium Finish, available In 5 Inch and 5.5 Inch.

£19.99 ex VAT

Guarded 2 in 1 Blade. Ergonomic design blade catcher included.

£31.99 ex VAT

Straight handled 5 inch scissors with a pink metallic finish and a removable finger rest.

£19.99 ex VAT

Guarded 2 in 1 blade. Ergonomic design blade. Catcher included.

£89.99 ex VAT

Leopard Spot Print Titanium Finish with an offset handle and optional rest and rings.

£35.99 ex VAT

TRi Colorline Pink Thinning Scissors.

£79.00 ex VAT

It features an even handle design for comfort.

£21.95 ex VAT

Ideal for both students or experienced stylists.

£19.99 ex VAT

Guarded 2 in 1 Blade Ergonomic Design Blade, Catcher Included.

£35.99 ex VAT

Classic design thinning scissor in a striking red colour.

£31.99 ex VAT

Classic design scissor in a striking red colour. Available in 5 Inch only.

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